Canopy Maintenance

These simple canopy maintenance tips for America’s Best Canopies will keep it in great shape and looking great for years to come.

  1. Avoid allowing water to puddle on the canopy for extended periods of time. Water and dirt cause discoloration.
  2. Battery acid and some types of tree sap may corrode and eat holes in the canopy.
  3. DO NOT use chemicals or abrasives to clean canopy, as this could damage the vinyl. Use a soft dish soap and pressurized water for best results.
  4. Always remove* the canopy during the winter months, especially in areas of heavy snowfall. Freezing and thawing will damage the vinyl.
  5. The canopy must be removed* when taking the boat lift out of the water for any reason, i.e. winter storage or repair, or if the boat is out of the water for any extended period of time. Failure to do so could result in wind damage to the canopy, boat lift, dock and surrounding area.
  6. Fold and store canopy ONLY when completely dry. Wet or damp vinyl will discolor. Storage in a warm, dry location will extend the life of your canopy.

*Vinyl canopy is removed by detaching hooks.

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